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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or paid search advertising Pay per click management services in NY is one of the best ways to make an impact online. It's easy enough to sign up for a Google Adwords account and get started, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Search engine advertising is also known by terms such as PPC or search engine marketing. Website owners target prospective customers on search engines by bidding for search terms, also known as keywords.

Pay per click advertising is the fastest method of attracting targeted traffic and increase sales overnight!

Pay Per Click Overview

Though PPC advertising provides immediate results, it requires significant expertise and experience to properly setup and manage the campaigns. This includes having an excellent understanding of how your target customers behave online and what keywords they use to search for your products or services. Such advertisements usually appear on the search results pages as Sponsored Links or Listings. Since the advertiser pays for each click that takes the visitor to his site, PPC is also called CPC or Cost per Click. The difference is, PPC basically refers to the method of calculating cost while CPC denotes the actual cost of each click. Apart from the CPC, other factors also play a role in ranking of ads on search pages. Having relevant keywords and ad text, a high CPC bid, and a strong CTR will result in a higher position for your ad.

For usually the best results, the ad should target the third position and let the copywriting do the rest. Not only is the CPC lower, the click rate is high. Good copywriting not only helps you attract more clicks, but also increases the conversion rate. PPC ads appear as any other search results and not like graphic banner ads. Another advantage of targeting the top 3 positions is that most PPC engines would give your ad maximum exposure, allowing the ad to appear on most of their network. Since most PPC ad Campaigns allow you to not only decide the bid amount but also the daily budget, it has become the most useful tool to attract the right audience to your site! Moreover, you only pay if your ad is clicked and you also get to choose which page the visitor would land on your site. The bid amounts range anything between $0.05 and $50.00, with most bid rarely touching the high end. The average bid amount ranges between $0.25 and $2 per click (prospect). Not only does the bid amount depend upon the bidders, but also the keyword you choose to advertise on.

Advertisers who take a holistic view and utilize all techniques of search engine marketing, SEO (Search Engines Optimization), VCE (Visitor Convertibility Enhancement) and PPC get more positive responses and have higher conversion rates. While SEO allows you to make your website search engine friendly and helps you gain organic rankings, PPC helps you target the traffic directly and gives immediate gains in the meanwhile.

Pay per click or Tactical Search or Sponsored Links are the inorganic way of listing your website with Search Engines. It is one of the widely used target based online marketing techniques with immediate results in the SERP’s. It enables websites to quickly get top search engine placements by bidding on the most competitive keywords related to the products or services. The position of the ad, whether on the top of the page or the bottom, first on the right of the page or third, depends upon how much you are ready to bid for a particular position. Using a system of bidding, the advertiser can choose to have his ad listed higher or lower, depending upon how many clicks he can get on each position. The more you are ready to pay, the higher would your ad be placed on the search results page. Thus, the position of the ad is dependent on the bid amount and hence the other bidders. Depending upon the other bids, your ad would be placed first (if you are the highest bidder), second or third etc.

In short, PPC programs let you choose the keywords you want to advertise on, the amount you want to spend per click, the position you want to rank on and you only pay if you get traffic!

Pay Per click (PPC) Services - Concept, Campaign Management & Optimization!

Four Pillars Web Marekting treats PPC advertising as a craft, not an assembly line. We will closely work with you as we launch and improve your campaigns. Automated tools help us refine what we create, but the human touch is always present. Read about our philosophy and best practices in our PPC blog posts.

Why us?

  • Immediate Results in top SERP’s
  • Traffic boost with most competitive keywords.
  • Targeted quality traffic.
  • Regular campaign monitoring, optimization & Management.
  • Quick Results with increased ROI
  • Reduced CPC & CTR
  • Immediate branding & positioning.

PPC Steps:

  • Research & Benchmarking (current status, Keywords & competitors)
  • Create Ad Campaigns (Ad copies)
  • Bid Strategy & Management (Lowering CPC)
  • Campaign Optimization & Management (Constant Monitoring)
  • Monitoring – Traffic & Sale (Tracking)
  • Optimum Campaign with Increased ROI (ROI)

PPC Platforms

Besides requiring all our PPC specialists to pass the AdWords Fundamentals and the Advanced exams, We is well versed in other PPC platforms.

Google AdWords:

We is an AdWords Certified Company with AdWords Certified Individuals. We know the structure, features, tricks and tips, inside and out. Whether you're looking to increase traffic, generate revenue or bring in leads, we can navigate through the partner, content and display networks, remarketing, site links, modify match types, ad scheduling, bid boosting/decreasing and tie it all into other Google services like Google Website Optimizer and Google Merchant Center.

MSN AdCenter:

Ads served on are managed through MSN AdCenter, with similar features to Google AdWords. But not identical at all! Actual management of their same and unique features to audience and budget is something We can definitely help you with. In fact, there are specific demographic and usability differences in a Google vs. Bing user and you should be marketing to them accordingly.

Yahoo Search:

While still exists, Yahoo's paid search platform does not. But that's OK. Because we know how to manage, modify and optimize Yahoo accounts for MSN and how to set up MSN accounts to handle both Yahoo and Bing traffic.

Facebook Ads:

Rising in popularity for it's volume, reach and unique targeting capabilities, Facebook ads are here to stay. We can target your audience, build smarter campaigns for lower CPCs and craft the creative at the frequency and freshness needed that is needed for a successful Facebook campaign.

2nd & 3rd Tier Search Engines:

2nd & 3rd Tier Search Engines:

We likes to experiment and as a result has set up and optimized accounts across many different search engines and network platforms that includes but is not limited to:

  • Ask
  • LinkedIn
  • eZanga

How to get started?

We make the process easy, efficient, and productive. Please review our pay per click management packages & Contact Us at (646) 691-7750  or email at to schedule a consultation.

We will evaluate and analyze your business goals to formulate strategies that will connect you with your customers and drive revenues. Whether it is customer acquisition and retention strategies, direct marketing/sales, offline/online integration or ROI analysis, We knows what tools are appropriate to meet - and beat - your goals.

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